Pour Yourself a Cup of Ambition with Your Own Coffee Machine

The world grows more reliant on coffee every day.  For many people, it's now a significant part of their daily routine to score a caffeine hit as soon as they physically can.  It's possible to get that with instant coffee or by waiting for takeout on the way to work—but perhaps the neatest and most convenient solution is to own your own coffee machine.  Compared to the cost of buying your cup of joe every morning, it's a luxury you can afford . . . and nothing beats the smell of roasting coffee beans in the morning.  Need some more convincing?  Here are a few reasons to help you along.

Low Effort

Some coffee machines can even be scheduled to have your first cup roasting for you automatically.  No matter how hard they try, no coffee store can offer their customers that service—and this way, you even get to wake up to the smell.  It might even help you get out of bed in the morning.

Easy to Maintain

While you'd think it'd require a little more input to own your own coffee machine, it's actually pretty simple.  Once you get used to the complex array of buttons and controls, all that remains is to hit 'go' and clean it every now and again.  In the unlikely event that it does break at some stage, you can even have your machine repaired by a maintenance specialist with absolutely no fuss.


As already mentioned, the cost of buying coffee every morning can really add up over the years.  Try totting up the cost of just one month's coffee, and you'll soon see how much it's impacting your wallet.  As such, while the initial output of buying a coffee machine is quite something, it'll work out well for you in the long run.  Of course, you'll still have to buy the coffee pods or beans, but again, they're far cheaper than a regular cup of coffee.


Okay, there's no knocking professional coffee—but nothing beats a fresh roast from your own machine.  You can have the settings adjusted to exactly the way you like them, and reproduce the perfect cup of coffee every time.  Not only that, but you'll know the beans have just been roasted, and the water is freshly boiled, and . . . yes, you can taste the difference.

It's the kind of household appliance that you'll wonder how you ever did without.  With machines available at all price ranges, it's well worth a try to see how it benefits your morning routine.  Just don't tell your barista . . .