Commercial Refrigeration: Handy Tips for the Longevity of Your Appliance

Some business owners may not pay much attention to their freezer, walk-in cooler and other forms of commercial refrigeration equipment, yet their performance is critical for their success of your business. Contending with emergency repairs will not only be a costly affair, but it can also lead to the loss of your perishables. By employing the appropriate care and maintenance measures, you ensure that your commercial refrigerating system stays performing optimally. It also reduces the chances of premature malfunctions with your equipment. So what are some of the handy tips you could employ for the longevity of your appliance?

Tip 1: Keep the interior pristine

A mistake some people make when it comes to the cleanliness of their commercial refrigeration equipment is assuming they need heavy duty, industrial chemicals to keep them as clean as possible. Although industrial cleaners may make the cleaning process easier, they pose the risk of damaging the interiors of your commercial refrigeration over time. This is especially risky if your commercial refrigerator has metallic surfaces. It would be advisable to stick to regular soap and water for your cleaning in order to prevent undue damage. It should also be noted that any spills that occur within your commercial refrigerator should be cleaned up as soon as possible. This is because some food items may be highly acidic and end up corroding your equipment.

Tip 2: Keep evaporator coils clean

Another important aspect of prolonging the life of your commercial refrigeration equipment is ensuring that the evaporator coils are kept free of debris. Some people may not address the evaporator coils, as they tend to be located out of sight. Nevertheless, this does not mean that grime will not settle on them over time. If this dirt is left in place, you pose the risk of your commercial equipment overheating. This can eventually lead to the malfunction of your condenser and other components of your refrigerator. It is prudent to ensure that the evaporator coils are cleaned on a routine basis, even if it means having to enlist professional contractors to do this for you.

Tip 3: Keep the condenser well ventilated

Since the condenser tends to be located underneath or at the back of the refrigeration equipment, it tends to be a component often overlooked during cleaning and maintenance. What some people do not realise is that this makes the condenser coil susceptible to poor ventilation as dirt accumulates in this area. Moreover, if any items fall behind the unit and are not extracted, they will also impede on the airflow. It is essential to regularly ensure that the area surrounding the condenser has adequate ventilation.